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와우~~ 미투데이 하다가 알게 되었습니다. OSGi를 잘 알고 잘 사용하려면 최소한 클래스로딩과 컨커런시를 잘 이해하고 사용할 수 있어야 되는데, 저 책이 좋다고 자바 개발자라면 저 책을 꼭 끼고 있으라는 글을 어느 영문 아티클에선가, 블로그 글이었던가, 댓글에선가 본적이 있는데, 안 그래도 어려운 내용이 영어라서 학습하기 부담스러웠는데, 정말 잘 됐습니다. 번역도 기대 만큼 잘 되어있기를 바라면서 출간을 기다려 봅니다.

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20080718 GMP

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restaurant 레스쳐란
suspended 매달린

Finally, a new restaurant that takes the idea of going out to eat to a whole new level. It's called "dinner in the sky". It involves table and chairs suspended from a crane.

Screen English

Mitchi. What are you doing?
Marri bought some books but I thought she should read a real book by a real writer.
No no no. That's not a good idea.
Oh contre(under contrary).
Please Don't
This is the best book I've ever read.
Hey best book. maybe the only book you've ever read.

Pop's English

But you don't know me and I wish you did.
But you don't know me ullalalala
You don't know me

I wish + 과거(~ 했으면 좋겠어)

Talk Play Learn

Do you feel like ~ing? (~하고 싶어요?)

Do you feel like drinking?
Do you feel like dancing?
Do you feel like going out?
Do you feel like walking out?
Do you feel like walking a little?
Do you feel like taking a break?
Do you feel like eating something?

Sound Sound Play

p 발음 다음에 u 나오는 경우 '쀼"

help you
keep you
drop you
stop you
develope you
ex) Don't skip you meal.

Learn More

세상 참 좁다. = It's a small world.
선입견을 가진 = biased (ex. Don't be biased.)

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