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중1 때 내가 다크 템플러라는 것을 깨달았다.
- I was in seventh grade when I realized I was invisible.

내가 노력을 안 해본건 아니다.
- It's not that I didn't try

나는 그냥 옆집에 사는 사람일 뿐이야.
- I live just next door.

남자 꼬시기
- landing man

이 상황을 직시하자.
- Let's face it

나 여기 처음 와봐
- Never been here before

내가 넘겨 집는 건 아니지만..(사실 넘겨 집어 보자면)..채식 주의자인 척 하는 10대들은 대부분 "쉽게 꼬시려는" 의도더라구.
- I'm not passing judgement...but, for wahever reason...being a vegan teen activist is usually code for "easy..."

거봐 내가 거짓말 하는게 아니라니까~
- See? I'm not making this stuff up.

빈칸 채우기
Because, eventually... that's (what) they all do. It's happened (so many) that my mom's developed..a very mature reaction. A quick theraphy session.. or two.. or three.. and then we pack up the car and (flee to) another town. Okay, maybe (being invisible) does have its advantages. Because, moving all the time... I (never had to deal with) the whole "awkard good-bye" thing.

마미가 상당히 여러 남자를 사귀고 헤어진 담에 특이한 테라피(초코렛 퍼먹기)로 해결하고 마을을 떠 날 때는 자기가 다크탬플러 라는게 편하다는 내용.

You spend way too much time in after-school programs.
- 너 방과후 프로그램에 상당히 많은 시간을 보냈나 보구나.

곧 돌아올테니 아무 말도 하지 말고 있어
- I'll be right back. And no talking!

그가 널 안좋게 생각하던데.
- He feel bad for you.

- make up with

너 뭐 말할거 있니?
- You have something to say?

내 일도 아닌데뭐
- It's none of my business.

그는 항상 내가 잘못한 것 처럼 만들어.
- He is always made me feel guilty.

불좀 켜줄래?
- Can you get the lights?

모두 집중해 주세요.
- Please try and pay attention.

니가 준비한거 해봐
- Do your thing

그 뜻이 아니자나.
- Not what I meant

다시 본론으로 돌아가자
- Back to the point

우린 뭘 해야 되지?
- What do we do?

빈칸 채우기2
She's right. I mean, he's always (make) me feel guilty.
It (seems to) me... that if a guy treats you like that...
You'd break up (with) him. Blah-blah-blah-blah.
John would have another girlfriend (in) a second.
No, I didn't say, "break up". I'd (get even).

오호.. 무서운 여자에열.. 날 차려고 하면 헤어지는게 아니라 나도 차버려야 한다는 내용.

그의 마음을 아작 냈어야 하는데 그러지 못해서 안타깝다.
- We should've just broken his heart

너 아직 데이트 해본 적 없니?
- Have you ever dated anyone?

우리는 그가 너를 덜떨어진 애라고 생각하길 원하지 않아.
- We don't want him to think you're retarded.

믿을 수 없군...
- I can't believe.

초콜렛은 만사를 좋게 해줘
- Chocolate makes everything better.

난 심지어 그를 좋아하지도 않는다구.
- I don't even like him

우린 널 어떻게든 바꿀 수 있어
- We can make you into anything

- yank it out

어차피 안 될 텐데 뭐
- It's just not gonna work

어쩃든 넌 성공하지도 못 할 것 같네.
- You couldn't pull it off anyway

내가 해야 되는게 뭔지만 말해
- Just tell me what to do

나 이거 다 망쳐버릴지도 몰라
- I'm gonna blow this

- You'll be fine. Okay?

- I have it

그렇게 어렵지는 않아
- It's not that hard.

털끝도 관심있는 척 하지마
- Don't say any interest

- giving away

너 지금 나한테 장난 하는거니?
- Are you making fun of me?

내가 이런걸 전에 해본적이 없어서..
- I've never done this before

일을 제대로 하다
- play our cards right

~을 기반으로
- based on

빈칸 채우기3
You know, I was thinking... instead of (doing) all this we should've just (broken) his heart.
What? Heather, that's (pretty) genius. Yeah, except he broke up (with) everybody.
Not everybody.
What? I No. I can't do that. I don't (even) like him.
Your're not really gonna (be dating) him. You'll (be pretending).
Look, I know (what) you're thinking. "I'm not (as pretty as) Heather. I'm not tht smart. I'm not that (experienced)"


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