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RUBY/on Rails : 2007.05.27 16:34

원문 : http://the-est.com/blog/acher/entry/Top-12-Ruby-on-Rails-Tutorials

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  1. Rolling with Ruby on Rails
  2. Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2
  3. Four Days on Rails (PDF)
  4. Really Getting Started in Rails
  5. Tutorial in Ruby on Rails
  6. Fast-track your Web apps with Ruby on Rails 
  7. Getting Your Feet Wet With Ruby on Rails 
  8. How to make a todo list program with Rails 
  9. Ajax on Rails
  10. Many to Many Tutorial for Rails (PDF) 
  11. Distributing Rails Applications - A Tutorial 
  12. Installing Ruby on Rails with Lighttpd and MySQL on Fedora Core 4

1, 2번 링크는 저번에 봤던 기사의 초본인가 보군요.
- Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revisited, 번역 기사
- Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revisited2, 번역 기사