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[스프링 3.0] RC2 릴리즈~

Spring/3.0 : 2009. 11. 16. 22:54

요즘 스프링에 관심이 슬슬 가시기 시작하네요. 벌써 3일이나 지나서야 RC2로 버전을 올리다니.. 예전 같았으면 공개되자마자 버전을 올렸을텐데 말이죠. 하긴.. 뭐 3일 정도 늦었지만, 그래도 봄싹은 아마도 한국에서 가장 빨리 스프링 최신 버전을 적용한 프로젝트가 될 것 같습니다. 후훗

중요 변경 사항을 살펴보겠습니다.

* updated to final versions of JSR-330 "javax.inject" and JSR-303 "javax.validation" APIs
* full compliance with the JSR-330 TCK (i.e. full compliance with the final specification)
* support for Hibernate Validator 4.0 GA (as the JSR-303 reference implementation)
* added support for load-time weaving in JBoss 5.x
* added support for recent EHCache 1.6 configuration properties to EHCacheFactoryBean
* added AnnotatedBeanDefinitionReader helper for programmatic registration of annotated classes
* added AnnotationConfig(Web)ApplicationContext for convenient registration/scanning of classes
* added GenericXmlApplicationContext with flexible configuration options for its XML support
* AbstractApplicationContext can also start up in case of system properties access failure
* internal MergedBeanDefinitionPostProcessors apply after all other post-processors
* inner beans detected as ApplicationListeners as well (only supported for inner singletons)
* child bean definition's scope attribute can be inherited from parent bean definition now
* introduced SmartLifecycle interface with auto-startup and shutdown order support
* introduced LifecycleProcessor delegate, customizable through "lifecycleProcessor" bean
* MessageListenerContainers and Quartz SchedulerFactoryBean start up on refresh instead of init
* added initialize-database tag to jdbc namespace for populating external data sources with data
* PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver leniently ignores non-existing root directories
* DefaultConversionService understands "on"/"off", "yes"/"no", "1"/"0" as boolean values
* CustomEditorConfigurer supports PropertyEditor instances again (with deprecation warning)
* revised MethodParameter's annotation accessor methods
* ClassUtils is now parameterized with Class<?> and Class<T> where appropriate
* DataBinder now accepts var-args to set allowed, disallowed, and required fields
* DataBinder auto-grows nested paths on traversal (avoiding NullValueInNestedPathException)
* fixed enum binding regression with WebRequestDataBinder (as used by @MVC data binding now)
* fixed FieldError to expose rejected input value as String value instead of as array
* JSR-303 Validator will only register validation failures if no binding failure happened
* ContentNegotiatingViewResolver works with ignoreAcceptHeader and defaultContentType as well
* added Spring MVC namespace, with convenient mvc:annotation-driven configuration element
* default number and datetime formatters configured when using the Spring MVC namespace
* full support for datetime formatting using the Joda Time library (automatically enabled)
* added convenient @NumberFormat and @DateTimeFormat annotations for declarative formatting
* implicit T.valueOf(S) and constructor T(S) lookup if no explicit S->T converter matches
* AbstractExcelView is compatible with Apache POI 3.0 as well as 3.5 now
* TilesConfigurer only sets up EL support if JSP 2.1 is present (for JSP 2.0 compatibility)
* re-introduced Struts 1.x support ("org.springframework.web.struts") in deprecated form
* deprecated scheduling support for JDK 1.3 Timer ("org.springframework.scheduling.timer")
* deprecated remoting support for JAX-RPC (in favor of JAX-WS)


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