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드이어 스프링 3.0 RC1이 나왔습니다.

Spring/3.0 : 2009.09.26 08:14


주요 변경 사항은 다음과 같습니다.

Changes in version 3.0.0.RC1 (2009-09-25)

* upgraded to CGLIB 2.2, AspectJ 1.6.5, Groovy 1.6.3, EHCache 1.6.2, JUnit 4.7, TestNG 5.10
* introduced early support for JSR-330 "javax.inject" annotations (for autowiring)
* introduced early support for JSR-303 Bean Validation (setup and MVC integration)
* added default editors for "java.util.Currency" and "java.util.TimeZone"
* refined PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver's treatment of non-readable directories
* PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver understands VFS resources (i.e. works on JBoss 5.x)
* revised AccessControlContext access from BeanFactory
* AbstractBeanDefinitionParser can deal with null return value as well
* PropertyOverrideConfigurer's "ignoreInvalidKeys" ignores invalid property names as well
* PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer supports "${myKey:myDefaultValue}" defaulting syntax
* BeanFactory's default type conversion falls back to String constructor on target type
* BeanFactory tries to create unknown collection implementation types via default constructor
* BeanFactory supports ObjectFactory as a dependency type for @Autowired and @Value
* BeanFactory supports JSR-330 Provider interface as a dependency type for @Inject
* BeanFactory prefers local primary bean to primary bean in parent factory
* protected @Autowired method can be overridden with non-annotated method to suppress injection
* private @Autowired methods with same signature will be called individually across a hierarchy
* @PostConstruct processed top-down (base class first); @PreDestroy bottom-up (subclass first)
* ConfigurationClassPostProcessor detect @Bean methods on registered plain bean classes as well
* support for default "conversionService" bean in an ApplicationContext
* MBeanServerFactoryBean returns JDK 1.5 platform MBeanServer for agent id "" (empty String)
* changed NamedParameter/SimpleJdbcOperations parameter signatures to accept any Map value type
* refined logging in JMS SingleConnectionFactory and DefaultMessageListenerContainer
* introduced "ui.format" package as an alternative to PropertyEditors for data binding
* @RequestMapping annotation now supported for annotated interfaces (and JDK proxies) as well
* @RequestParam and co support placeholders and expressions in their defaultValue attributes
* @Value expressions supported as MVC handler method arguments as well (against request scope)
* JSR-303 support for validation of @MVC handler method arguments driven by @Valid annotations
* refined response handling for @ExceptionHandler methods
* @ResponseStatus usage in handler methods detected by RedirectView
* all @SessionAttributes get exposed to the model before handler method execution
* @Event/ResourceMapping uniquely mapped to through event/resource id, even across controllers
* MultipartRequest is available as a mixin interface on (Native)WebRequest as well
* removed outdated "cacheJspExpressions" feature from ExpressionEvaluationUtils
* introduced common ErrorHandler strategy, supported by message listener container
* Jpa/JdoTransactionManager passes resolved timeout into Jpa/JdoDialect's beginTransaction
* HibernateJpaDialect applies timeout onto native Hibernate Transaction before begin call
* Spring's Hibernate support is now compatible with Hibernate 3.5 beta 1 as well
* Spring's JPA support is now fully compatible with JPA 2.0 as in EclipseLink 2.0.0.M7
* SpringJUnit4ClassRunner is now compatible with JUnit 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7
* SpringJUnit4ClassRunner once again supports collective timeouts for repeated tests
* deprecated @NotTransactional annotation for test classes in favor of @BeforeTransaction

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