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새로운 스프링소스 웨비나 일정

Spring/Webinar : 2008. 11. 16. 12:38

참조: http://www.springsource.org/node/828

일시: 한국 시간으로 11월 25일 밤 11시~12시
주제: Apache Tomcat Tips and Tricks from the Pros
내용: 아파치 톰캣을 보다 빠르고, 쉽고, 생산적으로 관리하는 방법
    * Setting up your Apache Tomcat infrastructure for large scale deployments
    * How to upgrade and easily rollback different Apache Tomcat and JVM versions
    * How to migrate your Apache Tomcat configurations during upgrades
    * Apache Tomcat connector configurations
    * Best practices around virtual host configurations in Apache Tomcat
    * Undocumented configurations options


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