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로드존슨의 키노트로 Spring One 2008이 시작.
Spring Core
- Spring 2.5 on the Way to 3.0
- OSGi Programming Mode
- Using Spring Security 2
- Spring Transaction Choices for Performance
- Five Aspects You Don't Know About
- Working with Hibernate with Spring 2.5
- Open Forum with Rod Johnson
- Applying the Spring Frameworks for Model-Driven Architecture
- Making Sense of AOP Choices
- Spring Architecture and Best Practices

Spring Enterprise
- Enterprise Application Management
- Enterprise Development Tools for Spring
- Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi
- Enterprise Integration with Spring Batch
- Enterprise Integration Patterns with Spring

Spring Web
- Decorating Web Pages with AJAX using Spring JavaScript
- Using Spring Web Services
- What's new in Spring MVC 2.5 and beyond
- JavaServerFaces - The Biggest Loser of Java Web Frameworks?
- RESTful Web Services in Spring
- Spring Web Flow 2.0 Deep Dive

Spring In Production
- Spring - Case Study
- Persistence Tuning for the Spring Environments
- Introduction to the Springsource Application Platform
- Building Web Applications with the Springsource Application Platform
- Inside SpringSource Application Platform
- Classloading in OSGi

Partner Talk
- EclipseLink--High Performance Persistence for Spring
- Case study - Spring and Spring MVC in Production
- Model Centric Design and Development of RIAs for Spring

하나같이 주제들도 좋고 무언가 기대하게 만드는 군요. 위 세션들 중에 일부는 어떤 블로그에 요약본을 올려주고 있습니다. 저같이 갈증나시는 분들은 그걸로라도...

  1. Favicon of http://yunsunghan.tistory.com BlogIcon Max 2008.06.17 13:21 PERM. MOD/DEL REPLY

    SpringOne 컨퍼런스 끝나면, 발표자료 공유해 주던가요?

    Favicon of https://whiteship.tistory.com BlogIcon 기선 2008.06.17 18:57 신고 PERM MOD/DEL

    넵. 몰랐는데 공개해주네요. http://www.springone.com/display/SpringOne08/Conference
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