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After read the "How do you build your projects?"

모하니?/Thinking : 2008. 2. 4. 22:44

I'm now typing in English cuz I'll trackback this post to here.

Above link's post is very interesting about build tool. They used to build by BAT files. When I read the article, I didn't know how the .NET programmers build their projects. After read the article, I thought about how they did build by BAT files.

Maybe.. There was so many BAT files. Each file's name was maybe like this. deploy.bat, unitTest.bat, reportTestResult.bar, commit.bat. update.bat. ans so on... How uncompotable it is.

At last. They choose new build tool NAnt because They are too lazy to install Ruby. :) NAnt is a .Net Ant. Ant is very familial to Java programmers. But I think even the Java programmers seems like don't know how wonderfule tool it is.

Today, One of my friend says to me that her compony make a plan to use Maven. So I told her Maven is very powerful but needs more study and management then Ant. Even if I did'nt tell her, Ant also can manage libararies by using some extentions.

I think, stakeholders tend to just determind to use something that someone's say GOOD! or their friend 's products. But that is very dangerous determind. Cuz, Tool determination must reflect the project team members. Like the above link's article, the tools be used by programmers must be choosen by programmers.

Ah~ It's too hard to write in English. Just read for fun. Apolozise to my misspels and wrong grammer.

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    토비랑 미국갈 준비하는겨? ㅋㅋ 멋진 시도구먼.. 쑥스러워 하지 말구 계속해봐.. ^^*

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